The Pyramids of Bosnia

Fiction or Fact?


Its name was recorded for the first time in 1355, in a chart issued to the merchants of Dubrovnik by ban Tvrtko I. On the vast plain near the town were the residences of the bans and the kings. Foreign envoys were received and state assemblies of all Bosnian territories were held in Visoko. Visoko reached the peak of its development during the late Middle Ages. It became a strong social, political and economic centre and had the status of a royal town. 

Visoko was also an important trading centre and, like many central Bosnian towns, had a considerable colony of merchants from Dubrovnik. The numerous charters and letters issued and registered in Visoko or its surroundings show the significant role of the town at that time. Today its main role is that of a small industrial and trading town. The town is best known for its leather smiths, whose craft has been practiced for over 500 years. (Quelle:

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